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May 4, 2012
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Captivating by Kendra-Paige Captivating by Kendra-Paige
Model & MUA: Natalia Rivera
Wardrobe: Hope Westendorf

Natalia absolutely commands the frame in this shot - her eyes are so captivating.

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I am particularly in love with your recent shots of this model, Natalia Rivera. What I love the most about your photography - and especially this piece - is your ability to capture several things about your models:

You capture, of course, how they look - the basics of photography. But not only that; you capture them looking their best. You obviously have an eye for color and lighting. I don't want to see several "okay" photos; I want to see a few photos that really knock me off my feet, and that is the level of quality you consistently provide.

Another thing you capture in your photography that goes beyond the basics and truly defines you as an artist is your models' personality. Looking at this piece, I feel as though I get a sense of who Natalia is, not just what she looks like.

Overall, your use of lighting and vivid color in much of your work, as well as a sense of softness and, at times, mystery, is what compels me to rate your Technique with 5 stars, since I think it is the most impressive aspect of your photography.

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Critique by kaibokitch Jun 22, 2012, 7:38:39 AM
Vision: Visually, I like the lighting overall of the picture and the glossiness of the model. The title literally describes this photograph. Looking in the model's eyes just makes me feel like I'm looking into her soul and the warm but light colors help support that. On a side note, this was supposed to have a perfect score if it were not for the grayness of the right side of her collarbone. So capturing perfect lighting is something that needs a little improvement.

Originality: So far, this is the only picture I've seen that focuses on the model and blurs out the background but makes use of it still to enhance the image and message of the picture. This is also one of the most rare pictures I've seen that really gives off a captivating feeling without taking perspective into account.

Technique: I love the way the background just faded into this spring aurora ray like pattern so kudos to you on that since it's not something I see much. The capture of lighting and perspective is just lovely and you made a single simple headshot capture worth any other fullbody picture that holds more perspective.

Impact: Overall, this picture is just breathtaking. The model just encaptures your soul with one glance and the picture as a whole is just beautiful from the lovely model to the beautiful effects that were used to capture this theme. This picture would definitely capture the hearts and souls of the people that would stop and take a look at it.
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Stunning Photo/Model
OlMountainWoman Feb 4, 2013   Photographer
This one really caught my eye, the depth of field is astounding.
sweetsongbird Dec 2, 2012  Student Writer
Those eye...:faint:
XerafCZ Sep 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am in love with those dark eyes.
NikkiiQ Jun 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her eyes are really captivating! First thing I noticed when I saw the picture. Her clothes fit by her hair and eye make up and earrings. It's nice that the bckground is lighter in colours than the model
TehAngelsCry Jun 3, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
What a beauty. The softness of the background contrasts beautifully with the colours she is wearing. Her expression is perfect as well, and the fact that she is looking at the camera makes it seem like she is looking into your soul XD
xzendor7 May 15, 2012   Digital Artist
Beautiful, She Has A Great Face And You Did A Great Job With Her Eyes.
ThomasJergel May 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
She is right in the middle of the frame.
Usually this would mean a poorer photo, but in this case it really doesn't matter because it feels like she is looking straight through the monitor and connecting with the viewer.
I feel it is rare that a subject has such a good connection with the viewer. :)
Lovely as always, Kendra. :)

I'll be waiting for more, as always. :)
Kendra-Paige May 12, 2012   Photographer
Thank you so much! I tried positioning this one to comply with the rule of thirds, but it really seemed to detract from the portrait, because her stare really needed to be centered to have the same effect it has. I'm glad you approve. =) Thanks again for the thoughtful comment!
She is very beautiful. I feel lost in her eyes. The photo expresses such freedom and beauty that I can't say much. I'm just stunned.
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